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Photography: Katie Bennett

Can we come up with a solution that ends homelessness?

So what's the story?

Brisbane claims to be one of the most livable cities in the world, yet there is a hidden reality of homelessness.  

While many people assume that homelessness isn’t a trackable problem, it is – but it requires a commitment to invest in housing, as well as the services that people need to stay housed.


How can we not only manage this problem, but come up with a solution that ends it?

The issue of homelessness cannot be solved with just one person.  The Brisbane Zero Campaign is a community-based project to build  public support for ending homelessness.  

Reaching housing targets is a great start, but with an increasing homeless  population, Brisbane Zero embraces Functional Zero as a more pragmatic  approach to the problem. Zero for us means knowing people are going to  be homeless – but doing what we can to ensure it is rare, brief and non-recurring. 


To achieve this goal, the campaign has four key focuses: 


Real time visibility on the homeless community through establishing a quality By-Name List

We work with and train local communities to produce quality data to track the progress of successfully housing people. By tracking who is rough sleeping in our streets, parks and cars and what their needs are, communities can better understand homeless people and get to know them by name, connecting them with the right resources and providing better solutions.


Advocating for an increased supply of affordable (and permanent) housing

By lining up more affordable, permanent housing options, this means more people have access to a home, and dignity.


Providing ongoing housing and support to those who need it most

Homelessness should be brief before being rapidly resolved. This means moving more people into housing and supporting them. We’re there everyday for those who need assistance, and give them the housing, healthcare and support they need in order to stay housed.   


Connecting people, health care services and community

Continuing to work collaboratively across organisations, health-care services, agencies and the community to ensure homelessness is rarely recurring and never a chronic event. 


Homelessness should be a crisis, not a way of life.