Preventing Homelessness


To ensure a lasting end to homelessnesss we must understand how to prevent people becoming homeless in the first place.

How we do this?

  • Identify the needs of individuals and families sleeping rough (on streets, in parks, tents, cars or intermittently in motels) in Brisbane.
Inflow - Outflow
  • Through a cross sector work we are monitoring those returning to homelessness.
Sustain Tenancies Services
  • Coordinated approach between tenancy managers and sustaining tenancy teams to prevent evictions.
Advocacy Actions
  • Advocate for greater integration between housing providers and support services to sustain tenancies.
  • Advocate to increase investment & funding to innovate the housing system.
  • Advocate for safe, stable and secure housing for women and children escaping from domestic and family violence.

Bringing sectors together, starting with data to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.

Ending homelessness is not the task of a single person, agency or sector. It is the work of an entire community. Shared data is the first step to collaborating to prevent homelessness.
  • To PREVENT homelessness, the By-Name List combined with the vulnerability survey, painting the portraits of people experiencing homelessness. Knowing people by name helps us to identify their housing needs and homelessness history. 


    There is a growing profile of women and children needing safe and stable housing. The Brisbane Zero snapshot shows over the last 3 years of 453 families who found themselves homeless, 297 were single mums with their 612 children.


    The newly formed Brisbane Zero Housing for Women's Safety & Security Alliance is an example of open collaboration, with a variety of experience from a range of parties, and a shared commitment to:


      • Address the housing needs for single women and women with children — ranging from emergency accommodation to affordable, long-term and supportive housing.


      • Develop advocacy strategies specifically to diversify and scale-up investment from all sectors in accessible housing solutions for women and children at risk or facing homelessness.


    Our current members:



Homelessness is #PREVENTABLE