Ending Homelessness


Ending homelessness means that when our systems function well we can make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring.

Ending Homelessness - Brisbane

Supportive Housing is an internationally proven solution to end homelessness.  Stable and affordable housing with supportive services enables vulnerable people to live higher quality and productive lives bringing social and economic benefits to our whole community. 

Supportive Housing

Permanent and affordable housing with embedded healthcare, family support, community services and other support services.



Other Support Services

Brisbane Common Ground Supportive Housing - Photography by Micah Projects

Brisbane Common Ground is Queensland's first supportive housing initiative. It is known a a single site development. Brisbane Common Ground opened in 2012 and has 146 dwellings, 50% safe, secure and permanent with embedded support services and 50% for those who require access to affordable housing.  

End Homelessness

By using evidence based data to invest in purpose build housing with support for our vulnerable community. 


  • Invest in local place-based planning of housing to meet the  evidence based demands.


  • Clear frameworks for investment, construction, ownership, tenancy and property management. 


  • Re-purpose social housing, scale up social housing including  supportive housing.


  • Ensure investment in community and specialist services integration with housing supply, health, family and community services.

  • Supportive Housing is a proven solution to some of communities' toughest problems. It is a combination of affordable housing and supportive services designed to help vulnerable individuals and families use stable housing as a platform for health, recovery and personal growth.

  • Following the evidence through Corporation for Supportive Housing, Supportive Housing has the capacity to improve housing stability, mental and physical health, school attendance; and reduces active substance use, reducing the incidence of homelessness.

  • The Institute for Social Science Research’s (ISSR) comprehensive evaluation of the Brisbane Common Ground project (on-site Supportive Housing) reveals that governments can save in excess of $13,000 per person each year, if they provide the chronically homeless with access to secure, long-term housing and needed support services[1].


    [1] https://issr.uq.edu.au/brisbane-common-ground-evaluation

  • The most successful supportive housing does not operate in isolation but serves an integral role in the larger community. Supportive housing projects contribute to the achievement of larger community goals. 


    Based on evidence of world best practices and research available from the most innovative, credible and successful international studies and programs in the most effective ways to prevent, reduce and end homelessness.

Brisbane Common Ground - Photography by Micah Projects

Brisbane Common Ground - Photography by Micah Projects

Brisbane Common Ground - Photography by Micah Projects