Lived Experiences

Photography: Katie Bennett

Finding a home

Words from the street

How sleeping rough isn’t always on the street


Mandy was living at a north-side caravan park and was experiencing significant conflict and felt unsafe there. The team began the process of finding her alternative accommodation.

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How Steven got his own place for the first time in over ten years


After six years of homelessness, Steven got the help he needed from Micah projects to get back on his feet. Now, he’s got a place to call home, and is getting better every day.

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How a family of eight found themselves on the brink of homelessness

The Parsons family

When plans fell through, the Parsons family of eight ended up living in a single motel room, unable to secure tenancy. Read how Micah Projects stepped in and helped them find a housing solution.

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How a breakdown in family relationships led to homelessness


Alex had lived with her ageing mother for several years, but when her mother was admitted to a care facility by family members in her absence, her home ended up in the hands of an executor.

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Couch surfing with kids


Katie had been couch surfing with her two children for four years when she reached out for help.

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What happened when a single mother-of-two became homeless in Brisbane


Agnes was standing on the side of the road, suitcases at her feet, as her two youngest children started asking her what was happening.

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