Brisbane Zero Campaign

Photography: Katie Bennett

The Brisbane Zero Campaign is a community-based project to build public support for ending homelessness.

Brisbane Zero is a community-based campaign to reduce, prevent and end homelessness in Brisbane. We embrace the internationally successful Built for Zero methodology to know by-name ensuring homelessness as rare, brief and non-recurring.

What we do in Brisbane?




  • We survey Individuals and Families who are sleeping rough, on the streets, in parks, tents or cars.

By-Name List:

  • We create a know By-Name List to enable real time data.


  • We match housing solutions and relevant supports.



  • We acknowledge the housing gaps.

Solving Homelessness with Built for Zero - Community Solutions

Micah Projects is the backbone organisation that supports the Brisbane Zero Campaign.

Zero Projects are currently being delivered in three local government areas of South East Queensland - Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast.